AiLearn Product - Online GCSE & A Level maths - our approach

Set-up your account

When you've signed up for AiLearn, we'll ask you a few questions to set-up your profile (e.g., what exam board are you studying for, what grade you are targetting) and we'll work out how we can help you get a grade 9.

Lecture videos

When set-up, we've broken the GCSE Maths curriculum and the A Level Maths curriculum into 200 bitesize chunks. For each, we've created a lecture video, explaining the content and walking through example questions. The script of these videos is also available.

Overview of AiLearn's approach to support A Level maths and GCSE maths students

Worked examples

Alongside the lecture videos, we've created a number of worked examples, so you can see some more examples of the type of questions you may face and how to solve them.

Practice, practice, practice!

Finally, out cutting-edge question edge utilises machine learning to deliver the questions which will help you learn most effectively. Our system will deliver personalised feedback when you make a mistake, like a teacher sitting on your shoulder.

What is distinctive about Ailean?


Custom maths engine

We have built a cutting-edge question engine that dynamically serves you questions so as to help you learn at the right pace for you.

The system responds to the student as they answer questions, providing feedback to a student as a teacher would mark your exercise book.

AiLearn offers personalised questions, and responds to your answers as a teacher would

AI chatbots

We have also developed a chatbot system that allows the user to ask questions as they revise. As you would raise your hand in class and ask questions of the teacher in the classroom, the chatbot helps you as you study.

You can ask the system for tips/tricks, or an explanation of a concept when answering a question, or walk you through a relevant worked example.

E.g., if you're answering a question on Trigonometry and not sure how to answer a question, the chat bot can provide a hint (e.g., the relevant formula to use to solve the question).

AiLearn uses chatbots to respond to students as a teacher would answer questions in class.

Personalised learning suggestions

AiLearn responds to you. Based on how you perform, we make personalised recommendations as to how you can improve your exam performance.

For example, if you consistently make a mistake in the first line of your calculations, you might be making a mistake in how you are writing down your question - AiLearn would spot this and make a personalised recommendation.

AiLearn responds to the student, offering personalised learning suggestions.