Intern: Front-end Developer

Intern: Front-end Developer - Job description:

We are looking for an intern to join our team as a front-end developer. The job will largely be focussed on helping us develop and refine some of the tools that students will use on the website (e.g., updating our Maths text editor on the site, refining how a student receives feedback).

We would like the individual to join us for 4-8 weeks, depending on your availability, from July 2018.

    Your responsibilities:

    As an intern, you would work with the CEO to work on the front-end of the website. You would have two projects during your time with AiLearn:

    • Add additional functionality to our Maths text editor.
    • Add User Interface elements to improve the quality of our feedback system.

    Our responsibilities to you:

    Whilst we have a number of responsibilities that we would like you to own and be responsible for, we also believe that we have responsibilities to you if you come to work for us:

    • We are committed to offering you a work environment that is guided by our Values Statement - see Our Values.
    • Create an environment of learning and support, with regular feedback to help you grow and develop.
    • Expose you to the wider strategic context of the organisation, outside of the Technology department.
    • If you perform to a sufficiently high standard, we will consider you for a full-time job.

    Desired skillset:

    We would expect the intern to either be a current university student, or shortly about to attend university. We are agnostic to which degree you are studying, but would expect you to be technical. We would ideally like to see the following skills:

    • Good knowledge of JavaScript and experience working with JQuery and Vue.
    • Experience working with GitHub as a Version Control system.
    • Clear communication skills, able to go into the details of a problem and abstract to take a higher-level viewpoint.
    • Strong analytical skills.
    • Keen eye for details.
    • Excellent academic record.
    • (Not quite a skill but) A high interest in Education and how EduTech can be used to boost childrens' learning performance.

    How to apply:

    We hope you find this job interesting enough to apply - please click the button below to email us about this role. We would like to see a copy of your (one- or two-page) CV and a paragraph on why you would like to join AiLearn.

    After emailing us, we will be in touch within 24 hours. For successful candidates, we will look to interview you within the next week. The format of this interview will be two-fold:

    • A competency based interview against the key skills required in this job.
    • A coding test.

    • If you have any questions, plase see our FAQ section. We look forward to hearing from you!