AiLearn Blog - What's 6/2(1+2)?

What's 6/2(1+2)? This is a classic problem that illustrates the order in which operations are conducted. In this maths example, if you were to complete the operation inside the brackets, you would be left with 6/2(1+2)=6/2(3)

How do we solve 6/2(3)? Do we do division or multiplication first? If we do division, we get 6/2(3)=3(3)=9, and if we do multiplication, we get 6/2(3)=6/6=1 - which of these is correct?

Well, the answer is 9, because of BODMAS. BODMAS is the order mathematicians have decide that we should complete operations. BODMAS stands for Brackets, Other (which largely means indices), Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. Moving from left to right, is the order in which we do operations. In this case, we do brackets, then division, then multiplication.

Therefore, the answer is 9.