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About AiLearn: GCSE Maths and A Level Maths Revision tool

In almost every sphere, Artificial Intelligence appears to be having a dramatic impact in improving our lives. Whether it is through autonomous cars making roads safer, or suggesting a product to buy on a website, AI's impact is inreasingly pervasive.

Unfortunately, the education software that help students study are becoming more and more outdated. Websites are normally a few pages of text content, with a list of questions, which tells you if you are right or wrong and you receive no personalised feedback. When it comes to revision time, you've already seen all of the questions and the content is never updated.

AiLearn was created to address these issues. We are building cutting-edge technology tools, utilising artificial intelligence, to create the experience of a great classroom for every individual student online.

Starting with GCSE and A Level Maths, AiLearn supports the student across their entire learning journey. The entire maths curriculum and worked examples are present in both text and video format, delivered by current Maths Teachers. Unlimited questions on any topic are available and the student can create their own revision tests or past paper.

AiLearn's Values

Build an exceptional environment for exceptional people...
  • Responsibility to help each other learn through apprenticeship and feedback
  • Transparency is not a dirty word
  • Owners' mindset for AiLearn and a friends' mindset for each other
...and drive unparalleled learning and support for our students
  • Use evidenced-based facts, not assumptions
  • If you think it can help a student study, test it
  • Put yourself in a student's shoes

AiLearn's Team

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Helen, CEO

Imperial College - Chemical Engineering

A-Levels (3A* and 1A)

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