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A Level and GCSE Maths Revision

AiLearn is an online A Level Maths and GCSE Maths revision platform. For both GCSE and A Level Maths, we offer over 10 hours of lectures, to teach and clarify the entire curriculum, with a cutting-edge question engine, utilising machine learning to serve personalised recommendations to an individual.

AiLearn marks your work, as a teacher would check your exercise book, offering personalised feedback when you make a mistake. Chat bots allow the student to look for help when answering questions, such as offering a hint.

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Demonstration of AiLearn's A Level and GCSE revision tool

AiLearn Features

AiLearn has a number of features to create a personalised learning journey for the student:

AiLearn utilitses aritificial intelligence to respond to students

Artificial intelligence is used to create personalised recommendations for the student to advance their learning progress at a pace that is comfortable for you

AiLearn works with the student, marking their work as a teacher would check your exercise book.

AiLearn works with the student to help them - we check your work and provide feedback, just like a teacher would read and mark your exercise book

AiLearn has an unlimited number of questions for the student to revise with

AiLearn has a sophisticated question engine that allows it to generate an unlimited supply of questions for revision

AiLearn uses chat bots to offer personalised tuition to our students.

Students are able to ask questions at any time in to a web chat function, providing personalised advice on how to answer questions

AiLearn covers all exam boards offering GCSE adn A Level Maths in the uK

We cover all of the major exam boards for GCSE and A Level maths (AQA, Edexcel and OCR) - when you sign-up, you select your exam board and you'll only see video lectures and questions for the exam board you specify.

AiLearn has over 15 hours of lecture videos available

AiLearn contains over 15 hours of lectures for both A Level Maths and GCSE Maths, delivered by current UK Maths Teachers.

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